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In the heart of the music stronghold of Hamburg, the professional musicians of tomorrow have been trained for over 20 years. And the graduates of “THE SCHOOL” , as everyone calls us, have not only shaped the musical identity of this city for many years. The HSM students and graduates are everywhere. They perform their songs in the clubs and arenas of this country, write music for film, theater, series, video games and teach at music schools, general schools and universities.

The Hamburg School of Music is not only characterized by its many years of experience, but also by one thing in particular: it takes care of YOU. One-to-one tuition, individual support, support and advice are an essential part of the school and show who is the focus here: YOU!

The lecturers and guest lecturers, classmates, graduates and employees have a global network and take YOU into their midst! Once you’re in the School family, you won’t be out of there anytime soon! Above all, the school’s network offers you the opportunity to make the right contacts during your training, to gain experience on stage, to build up your own network so that you can later get your desired engagements and assignments as a professional musician.

The renowned lecturers, who without exception come from the field and shape the cultural cityscape with their music every day, also support you in developing your own creative personality and finding your individual sound. Already during your apprenticeship you get the opportunity to show your music on the city’s stages! Over 500 successful graduates of the Hamburg School of Music and hundreds of participants in preparatory courses and workshops prove this every day in different genres on the stages and in the studios of Germany.
The state-approved Hamburg School of Music offers you a unique opportunity to realize your dream of making music your profession and to become part of a team that will carry you through your future.

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Summer Academy

Theory crash course

Part-time training

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Summer Academy

The best summer of your life!

Two weeks of pure music: jamming, lessons in major subjects as well as music theory, songwriting, recording in one of the best Hamburg studios, meeting like-minded people, having fun and, as the crowning highlight, rocking it at the final concert.

The Summer Academy is the perfect opportunity to get to know the training to become a professional musician!

We look forward to jamming with you!



22th July – 2nd August 2024


Lessons take place Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Accomodation and Catering are not included in the price.



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Theory crash course

You don’t feel well prepared for the entrance exam at the Hamburg School of Music? Then register now for the theory crash course. The theory crash course prepares you perfectly for the entrance exam. Our teacher knows exactly what is important and will teach you everything you need to know.

Dates: Wednesdays –  10.01., 17.01., 24.01., 31.01., 07.02., 14.02., 21.02., 28.02., 06.03., 13.03., 03.04., 10.04., 17.04., 24.04. and Practice Entrance Exam on monday, 29.04.2024

from 18:00 – 20:00



Practical excercises in :

  • Notation in violin and base clef
  • Keys and their accidentals
  • Intervals, triads, 4-note chords
  • Cadence analysis
  • Rhythmical ear training

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced learners. Cost: 390 Euro.
Just click on “To application” and secure your place in the theory crash course today!

Part-time training

Part-time training to become a “professional musician in the field of popular music”.  Our last class started on April 7th, 2022.

NEWCOMERS –  individual courses are possible on request.

Duration of training: 8 semesters

This advanced training is aimed at music enthusiasts of all ages who would like to complete well-founded training to become a “professional musician” in their free time. The focus is on: main & minor individual tuition, band training, music production, songwriting, harmony & ear training.

Every week (except during school holidays), the courses of ear training, harmony, sightreading, rhythm and arrangement take place from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.

In addition, on the 2nd Saturday of each month (9 times a year) between 12:00-17:30 the courses in education, pop / rock / jazz history, music & business and a regular live playing workshop take place.

Every summer vacation, there is a one-week intensive course on songwriting, music production and recording in the Blue Wave Recording Studios (


340 Euro per month


8 semester (4 years)


HSM certificate


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The tough music scene of tomorrow needs fresh blood and well-trained musicians who not only have a perfect command of their instruments, but also of the business: That is why the Wacken Open Air, in cooperation with the Hamburg School Of Music and the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, calls the Wacken Metal Academy into life. The Wacken Metal Academy will offer rock musicians a state-recognized training opportunity with a focus on heavy metal.

Starting 2020, instrumentalists and singers from the world of rock & metal can train at the Hamburg School Of Music as part of the Wacken Metal Academy and be provided with the knowledge they need to work professionally. This was announced by the organizers Holger Hübner and Thomas Jensen, Silke Homann-Vorderbrück, Helge Zumdieck and Robert Klawonn for the Hamburg School Of Music as well as Thomas Haack and Frank Simoneit from the West Coast University of Applied Sciences at this year’s anniversary edition of Wacken Open Air at a press conference.


Your heart beats for music – more than for any other career option? You are strongly talented and you are prepared to leave your comfort zone behind?

If so: here is your place! HSM converts your passion into profession. We will help to develop your individual musical personality in a supporting and challenging setting. Renowned lecturers accompany you individually, become mentors and help you to set the right course for your professional future.

HSM offers

Approved by the State

2-year training

BAföG officially recognized

One-to-one lessons for the main and minor instrument

Individual, practical training

Piano basics for music theory

Worldwide network

Successful for more than 20 years


The lecturers at the Hamburg School of Music are renowned live and studio musicians, producers, composers and arrangers from the rock, pop and jazz scene.

They work with artists worldwide, e.g. Lionel Richie, Michael Bolton, Jamiroquai, Udo Lindenberg, Stefan Gwildis, Sarah Connor, Jan Delay, Seeed, Ina Müller, David Knopfler, Meute, Radio Doria, WITT, Theater Orchester Hamburg and many more.

Each student benefits individually from the professional and practical knowledge and skills of experienced musicians.

The Latonius

Instructor, Recording Artist

“It’s a place where you can meet another family type environment. They won’t leave you, they won’t make you feel that it’s competition.”

Ina Müller

singer, music cabaret artist, presenter, book author

»Through HMS I meet highly talented, motivated singers and musicians. I can completely rely on them since they play a large role in my success on stage. In return I offer them a chance to experience the musicians life on tour. This is a wonderful symbiosis.«

Jessy Martens

Instructor, Recording Artist

“Just grit your teeth for two years and plow for your goal in life, for your dream. Then that will be something too! Then we’ll see each other again at some point on the big stages. “

Inga Rumpf

Singer, Songwriter
Patron of HSM for Rock Music

»For 20 years now HSM is an indispensable part of Hamburg‘s music scene. It has created an unusually creative environment to develop impressive young musicians.«

Leo Lazar

Alumni HSM, Multi-Instrumentalist (Hauptfach Drums), Songwriter, Arrangeur, Produzent

» HSM is the ideal basis for young musicians to test themselves, to get to know wonderful lecturers and to immerse directly into the musical scene!«

Gordon Domnick

Student, Graduate, Recording Artist

“Half of the lecturers I have have now become my friends. They have found a connection to me and simply tickle out everything that is in me! “

Reinhold Beckmann

TV Anchor man, Sport moderator, singer songwriter (Reinhold Beckmann & Band)

»Creative freedom, know-how and professional support for up-and-coming musicians to build a succesfull, longterm future. HSM is the brilliant alternative to any fast moving TV-Castingshows.«

Jens Salsa


„Dieses Netzwerk, was man sich hier aufbaut, das begleitet einen sein ganzes Musikerleben.“

The Latonius

Instructor, Recording Artist

“How about you come here and learn how to fight and learn how to be ahead of the game. And I promise you once you leave here you will be on top of your game! So now is the time to do it! Don’t hesitate! Make it happen!”

Heinz Canibol

sony, 105music

» HSM is the platform for young talent of its own kind.«

Marcus Deml

Instructor, Recording Artist

“Here at the HSM there are an incredible number of qualified lecturers who enable you to really find your way out there as a professional musician.”

Robin McMinn

Graduate, Drummer among others atMEUTE, SARAJANE, INGA RUMPF , REINHOLD BECKMANN

“When I started my apprenticeship at the Hamburg School of Music in 2005, I felt like a“ late bloomer ”at the age of 25, but I found exactly what I was looking for: professional teaching and a network that paved the way for my future career.” “To this day I can attribute almost every professional and some private relationship that I have today to the decision to appear well prepared for the entrance exam at the HSM in 2005.”

Rupert Keplinger

Songwriter, Recording Artist, Gitarrist/Bassist – bands: EISBRECHER, PETER MAFFAY

“The best musician is nothing without the right contacts. The network at the school laid the foundation for my career. “

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